Wild Blue Iris Missouriensis Flower

Common names : western blue flag, Rocky Mountain iris, and Missouri flag.

1) Some Plateau Indian tribes used the roots to treat toothache.[8]
2) The Navajo used a decoction (the extraction of water-soluble drug substances by boiling) of this plant as an emetic (a medicine or other substance that causes vomiting.).[9] 
3) The Zuni apply a poultice of chewed root to increase strength of newborns and infants.[10]
This iris is listed as a weed in some areas, particularly in agricultural California. It is bitter and distasteful to livestock and heavy growths of the plant are a nuisance in pasture land. Heavy grazing in an area promotes the growth of this hardy iris.[6]
The plant is widely cultivated in temperate regions[11]
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